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This is pretty awful... [Oct. 29th, 2014|01:18 am]
Dear heart, where is thou wound?
Buried under some dusty memory
to be labeled as a difficult love.
A love song that was never sung
Only ringed the beginning tunes of
the starting tone of a capella
but to no chorus and to no audience.

Dear heart, where is thou wound?
that difficult love, where did he go?
Days, weeks, months
Lost in the vast sea of faces
Blank, without emotion
And your sadness will only be swallowed
until the stream dries into a black hole.

Dear heart, this wound, it hurts!
His and her happy smiles,
his and her happy memories
And his face, that I cannot forget
as the fading pages of a long lost album
staring, ringing, resonating in this empty
heart chamber.

Dear heart, this wound, this hole,
it rots, stinks and poisons
this flesh that is no longer the youthful girl
that once was.